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So I haven’t written anything about my munchkins in a while. They have been keeping me super busy these past few weeks. My oldest tried out for her school’s talent show…she loves to dance and I think that she did a great job. Sadly, she was not selected to be a part of the show. I of course used that moment to teach her that life does not always workout the way we want. She was very disappointed and that it made sense because she did work hard. Her father and I both encouraged her to keep dancing and to work harder for the next talent show. She bounced back very quickly and has been working on new dance routines. I love her spirit and how she is able to bounce back, I sincerely hope that she never lose that ability because we live in a harsh world and I want her to know to understand that there will be some great days and some down days.

As for my little man, he was selected to participate in his school’s spelling bee competition and he did very well. Yes, my kids go to two different schools and it takes a lot of coordinating when it comes to morning drop off and afternoon pick up. My son use to hate reading and it took a lot patience and work for him to fall in love with reading as much as he does now. I also loved that he did not stress over the fact that he was going to be in a competition. His dad went to the competition since I have been sick and he video taped the entire thing. I watched it afterwards and I almost cried because it was so neat to see my little man being so poised and calm. My kids are constantly teaching me things about life and about how to deal with stressful events. I love being their mom because in a way I am kind of reliving parts of my childhood as I watch them grow.

With that said, I should say something about my little diva and how challenging she can be. I have been trying to get her ready for school. I taught and prepared my two oldest for school and so it makes perfect sense that I would want to prepare baby number three. I am starting to think that I might have to enroll her in a pre-school because she has a very strong personality and I think she needs to spend more time with children her age. She loves to learn but she hates to sit still and so I am constantly looking for new ways to keep her engaged and excited. She can recite the alphabet and can count, she also knows her primary colors, shapes and many more but I am kind of worried about her social skills. I spoke to her father and we both agree that she needs to spend time with kids her age several times a week. My little diva loves to paint and dance, so we are going to enroll her in a dance class in a few weeks.

I feel very blessed to have such sweet, smart, kind and independent children. They work hard at school and they try their best to do what is expected of them. I am not saying that my kids are perfect but I am very thankful to have my Bible to help me out when things get tough. I know that this parenting thing would be a whole lot more complicated without Jehovah God’s guidance.

I better get going, it is way past my bed time and I need to take my pain medications…they aren’t very helpful so I am going to consult with another physician just to make sure that my current doctor’s diagnosis is correct.

Getting Paid: Learning about money is never too early.

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Getting Paid: Learning about money is never too early.

My nine-year old princess sat me down for a talk several weeks ago to talk about something very important. At first I thought she wanted to plan another mommy/daughter date but that wasn’t it at all. My princess had a paper with a list of chores she already do but this time she had a dollar amount next to each chore. I sat quietly and listened as she presented her case. She made some very good points and I could not help but see her point.

The only thing that didn’t seem right was the amount she was expecting to get paid for doing each chore. So, I had to negotiate with her.

Sweeping the kitchen and bathrooms $ 7.15
Clear the dining room after each meal $ 7.15
Prepare lunches the night before $ 7.15
Make her bed $ 7.15
Take trash out to the dumpster (with supervision)$ 7.15

The original total she came up with was a little to high in my opinion, so talked it over until we reached an amount that I think makes sense. We also came up with an agreement about her jobs. The first being is that she would only get paid if she does her jobs without being reminded. I added that little loophole because I had a feeling that she was going to need reminders and I was going to have to teach her an extra lesson about the real world. My daughter is sweet and smart but she can be very forgetful and I am trying to help her take her responsibilities much more seriously than she has in the past.

I was very surprise when she agreed to my loophole and I am even more surprise that she only needed to be reminded the first two weeks. She did lose some money for those days but I am proud of how she responded to being told that she had not earned the amount we had agreed on. By the way, we agreed on her getting 10 dollars a week for all her chores. I know that amount might sound low but I will give her an opportunity to ask for a pay raise after 6 months or so.

So my little man, aka my seven-year old prince has decided that he too wants to earn some money for chores around our home. His list is much shorter due to the fact that his older sister took most of the kid chores but he was still able to come up with a few that will earn him money. He hasn’t signed his payment agreement yet but I have a feeling that he will when he sees his sister spending her money when we go shopping.

I will post an update on when my little prince signs his payment agreement and how things are going with both him and his sister are doing with their chores.

When did motherhood become a contest?

When did motherhood become a contest?

Have you noticed how there are so many “experts” on being the perfect mom these days. I understand that there are some women who actually need some guidance on how to be parents. I just don’t understand why everyone thinks that their style of being a mom is better than someone else’s. What if, we all just stop for a second and realize that we are all different. Being different does not equate to someone being inferior or superior to another. Today’s focus is on “The Super Fit Mom”, because I am sick and tired of the fat shaming that I have been seeing on the internet.

The super Fit Mom

I get it, being fit is a great thing and we should strive to be healthy and fit. It is our responsibility as parents to set a good example for our children and I applaud all those moms who are able to balance it all.

1. The Duchess of Cambridge was already a petite woman, who also appeared to be physically fit prior to her getting pregnant. With that said, please don’t try to compare yourself to her if you don’t share the body shape and frame.

2. Models who get pregnant and shed all the weight they gain “overnight” , have to do so because their jobs depend on it and the same goes for any other female in show business.

3. We normal women should not be aspiring to look like those women. Yes they look beautiful and it all looks effortless and that is exactly what they would like us to believe. The reality is not as simple as some of them would like to admit. Most of them have personal trainers, who work with them while they are pregnant, they also have personal chefs, nannies, assistants and so on and so forth.

I am a mother of three, who prior to becoming a mom was physically fit. My priorities shifted a little bit after my children were born. I work out and made sincere efforts to eat right. Do I want to slim down to pre-babies days and wear clothes I haven’t worn in years? Yes, but I also have to be realistic with myself. I have a full-time job, no nannies, no trainers, full-time student and my health is not as great as it was years ago. I do the best that I can with what I have. I don’t strive to be anyone else but me.

I will be posting some more about my views on being a mom and why we should all give each other a break. No one is perfect, in fact it would be great to see moms admitting their faults once in a while.

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