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Trying to make sweet lemonade with these sour lemons.

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I have been meaning to write more but this past week was one of those weeks that just seemed to go on forever. First on Monday, my family doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. This is sort of a relief because I suggested this to my former doctor but he laughed at me and then referred me to several specialists. All those specialists ordered tests and gave me prescriptions that did nothing to reduce my symptoms.

This whole journey started almost seven years ago, my son was just six months old and I was trying to lose the baby weight. So I came up with a workout and healthy eating routine. I would go run after my husband gets home from work…I was a stay at home mom at the time. I lived about ten minutes away from my alma mater (Mary Baldwin College) at the time. I loved running on campus so it made sense that I went there after hours to run on the track. It was one nice cool evening when it all began. I stretched before the run and then I ran the first mile effortlessly. The second mile felt off and so I slowed down, hoping that it would help. it obviously did not help so I stopped and walked the last couple of laps before heading home.

I got home just in time to get my little munchkins ready for bed. After they went to bed I took my shower, iced my aching ankle and drank some pain medication. This was apparently just the beginning of what has turned out to be a very long and painful journey. I have seen a cardiologist who at one point thought that I may have PAD. I have also seen a Gastroenterologist who prescribed a series of medications that he thought would help. He also advised me to change my eating habits. I have seen a neurologist for my severe headaches and they found a small aneurysm on the right side of my brain. Fast forward a few years later that aneurysm is no longer visible on any MRI. I am not even sure that there ever was one, one doctor said they it and another years later didn’t see one. I just hope that the last neurologist was correct.

Let’s see, I have also seen a psychologist because a friend and I talked and she encouraged me to see one because we were both concerned that my symptoms could be psychosomatic but that was not very helpful. I have seen an Orthopaedic and have been to physical therapy and none of it worked.

Hearing my new doctor say that she finally has a diagnoses and that she has a plan on how to handle my pain almost made me cry. I am still in pain but knowing the source of my pain is a great feeling. I know the process to finding the best treatment isn’t going to be easy either. I am very excited to know that I have finally found a doctor who actually listens and pays attention to all the symptoms because that was not the case with one of my former doctors. I might write some more about how treatment is going.

List of symptoms
Chronic pain (ankle/ right leg)
Random pain in different body parts (abdomen/lower pain)
Feminine symptoms(I rather not get too detailed about this part)
Low iron count (I take iron supplements and it is still low)
Weight fluctuates
Severe headaches

These are just some of the symptoms that I can recall at the moment. I have been dealing with some of them since I was in high school. Some of them became progressively worse over the years and I actually failed a class in college due to poor attendance. I would shy away from people for days at a time due to pain and some people called me lazy and anti-social. They did not know me nor did they bothered to ask about what was going on. I did not see a doctor about any of it until after my ankle began hurting. Looking back now, I know that I should done something about the pain sooner. You can’t change the past so I am hoping that my future is going be less painful.

No I have not stopped training for my half marathon. I did take a whole week off due to pain and other stressful family matters. I do plan on going back out there and train. The plan is to run no matter what. I love running and I will never give it up…it is after all my first love.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Sick day runs are awful and exciting

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Sick day runs are awful and exciting

Waking up in total pain after a sleepless night was not how I pictured my Sunday morning but that is how my day began. I had a hard choice to make because I had not gone on a run since Thursday evening and I was feeling very lazy. The decision to get out of bed was made for me by my little Jasmine flower. She crawled in bed and demanded that I get up and get her an orange. I tried ignoring her but she was very persuasive and I got up.
I crawled out of bed and got her the orange she wanted. I warmed up a slice of banana bread (which I made with coconut flour). The rest of the family got up and we all had breakfast in the living room. I let the kids eat in the living room because I also wanted to watch “The Muppets” movie with them. FYI, my favorite Muppet is Animal.
Halfway through the movie I realized that I had no choice but to out and run. Heck, the race is in May and I can’t turn back now. After the movie I changed, stretched and drank my energy drink to help me get pumped. I drove to the park with the intension of running at least 5 miles.
The park was not as busy it usually is and that was great. My playlist was on point and that made the run much better than I expected it to be. There are several down sides to running when you are sick. The first being that you can’t breathe that well, the runny nose and of course the achy muscles but I fought through all of that and ran 7.52 miles in 1:27:28 with an average pace of 11 minutes 38 seconds. The pace was definitely slower than I want but it’s okay because I now know what has to be done before the big day and it is going to hurt a lot.
Well I better get going, I have homework to do, a hot shower to take and of course I have to stretch since it is one of the major running rules to never break.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂 wishing you a blessed day.

Training Day 5: It felt great running through the pain.

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Training Day 5: It felt great running through the pain.

The plan was to only take a day off from training but thanks to rainy day, I was not able to keep that promise. The two days off from running were needed because I ran a longer distance today. I was not prepared for the leg cramps that came with today’s run though. I had to pause a few times to stretch and get myself together.

The plan was to get in at least 5 miles today but I had to stop at 4.25 miles after noticing that my family was tired of waiting on me. Yes, I took the family with me so they kids can enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets cold again.

I was so proud of my efforts that I decided to keep the momentum going and eat a yummy/healthy dinner. So I came home and made kale, bulgur and salmon for dinner which I then paired with my post run smoothie.

Below is the recipe for my post run smoothie


Shredded Kale














This is how I store my smoothie ingredients for each week. I am a planner when it comes to eating right or else I can’t keep up with my game plan of eating right and getting healthy.


This is the final product and it came out great…I should point out that I added 1 cup of coconut milk and 1/2 cup of water to my smoothie. I didn’t put exact measurements this time because I didn’t measure out my ingredients. I figured it would be better to just go with the flow and not be too rigid with this smoothie.

Well I better get going, “Scandal” is on and I am way too distracted by how great tonight’s episode’s is. I was somehow able to bake a loaf of banana bread for breakfast…it is a surprise for my munchkins who are fast asleep right now.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Yikes! I am training for a half marathon

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Yikes! I am training for a half marathon

I have always wanted to run a half marathon and in 2010 a college classmate gave me the opportunity to participate in my first half marathon. I did not have enough time to properly prepare my body for it but I did it anyway. I ran it and my toes, legs and thighs were mad at me for days. I loved the entire process and then vowed to participate in the 2011 Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon but things go exactly as I had planned. Baby number 3 aka my little flower was delivered in April of 2011, about 5 weeks before that race and so I didn’t run. So the next year was definitely going to be the year I do it. Did I do it nope? I talked myself out of it in 2012 and 2013 so this year I forced myself to register. I am really behind in the training schedule I had mentally planned but I guess I have no choice now but to push myself so I can achieve my goal of running the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. I will actually start posting about my training on a regular basis. Well, I better get to sleep since I have to be up in a few hours to get my loves ready for school.
Thank you for stopping by 🙂


This is the before picture, I should note that the yellow sweater is my favorite one from my college days and it always makes me want to run hard.


This is after a 3.13 mile run in 20 something degree weather. The first 5 minutes were the hardest because my body had not warmed up yet. I like my pace and the goal is to work on my pace and endurance so that I can beat my time from 2010 but it is going to be hard.

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