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Friday is Family Fun Night

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Friday nights are fun in our home. We usually eat junk food, stay up late, watch a movie, play games before our bedtime routine. Last night was another typical Friday night. I picked up my munchkins from school, got home and snacked before deciding on what to do about dinner. It took some time to figure out what we were going to order. I came up with the idea of ordering out on Fridays because it gives my loves an opportunity to eat whatever they want.
The options were pizza, Chinese and Japanese food. I had been craving Sushi all week and so it makes perfect sense that I would push for it. I don’t know how I did it but the kids voted for Japanese as well.
I got my sushi and the kids got hibachi chicken plate. They pulled out their TV dinner trays and we once again voted but this time it was over which movie to watch. As usual we had long debate about what movie to watch and finally I used my mommy power and over-ruled the children’s options after they began arguing. I picked “Thor” because I was in the mood for an action movie. I did promise them a cartoon but we didn’t get to watch one because someone “aka” the diva got cranky and so we had to cut movie night short.
I was secretly happy because I needed to get some rest. I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. So I helped them get ready for bed, we didn’t do our Bible study nor did I sing to them. We prayed and kissed goodnight before my short “me time”. My “me time” usually involves a hot shower, tea and journal writing. I got the shower but tea time was cut short since I fell asleep while drinking it. Friday night didn’t go as planned but this rainy Saturday has proved to be much more productive than yesterday. I was somehow able to vacuum, put away 4 loads of laundry, scrub the bathrooms and changed the linen while the kids were out hanging out with their dad.
I have a big problem with cleaning, I can’t focus if my home is dirty. I am now relaxed enough to study for my midterm while the kids enjoy some quality time with their dad. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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