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Eye Candy of the Week: Charlie Hunnam

So its been a while since I did an eye candy of the week post. Who better than Charlie Hunnam to get us back on track. I recently saw him in Crimson Peak and I really like the role he played and the movie was well made. I was not a gothic romance type of girl but I think Guillermo Del Toro has converted me. The whole movie was done like a painting. I am definitely going to get it when it comes out on DVD because it is going to be one that I will watch for years to come. Okay back to Charlie, I watched Sons of Anarchy because he was so good that you never want to miss a moment. He is the type of actor who is good at acting that you forget for a minute that he is just acting and that is why I am such a fan of his work. I can’t wait to see what other roles he gets.

You are welcome ladies!!!

He cleans up very well!!

And that smile!!!

Eye Candy of the Week: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is hot, talented and he speaks French. I have always been a fan but I became a bigger fan after hearing speak French. I love everything French and now I feel compel to sharpen my French speaking skills…just in case I do run into Monsieur Cooper.

Eye Candy of the Week: Lance Gross

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This is week’s eye candy is California native Lance Darnell Gross. He had me laughing for years when he starred in the Tyler Perry hit comedy “House of Payne”. I loved him in “Our Family Wedding” and “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor”. Here are just a few reasons why he is this week’s eye candy, enjoy!!!

Eye Candy of the Week: Chris Evans

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This week’s pick was the Human Torch and is now Captain America. I became a fan of Chris Evans when he starred in ” Not Another Teen Movie”. I like how he portrays Captain America and I think Joss Whedon was smart to pick Chris Evans to play the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America…I can’t see anyone else playing that role. I haven’t seen the ” Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, but I heard some great reviews from those that have seen it.

Eye Candy of the Week: Tyrese Gibson

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So I decided to pick Tyrese Gibson this week because I really like his performance in “Annapolis”. I also like his performance in “Fast and Furious”. He is very easy on the eyes and he is a great singer. He seems to be a down to earth person and I will forever be moved by how he reacted to the passing of Paul Walker.

Eye Candy of the Week: Tom Hiddleston

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Eye Candy of the Week: Tom Hiddleston

Okay, so I was thinking about mixing things up a little. I wanted to do something fun and different. So I came up with the idea of a daily special. Today is Tom Hiddleston day and I will share a few pictures of him. So why did I pick him? Well, I chose him because I loved how he portrayed Loki. Loki is one of my favorite Marvel characters. Okay, I am only doing the eye candy post once a week. I will post about something else tomorrow…not sure what I will be posting about but I have a feeling it will be awesome. Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a great day 🙂

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