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My Non-Date: Scandal and Popcorn on a Friday night.

So this past week was kind of blah, I was sick and I am still sick. I decided to take it easy and do something low key instead. I can’t remember all the details right now since it is past 10 pm and my brain is on auto pilot.
I do remember coming home Friday evening and thinking that I needed to get caught up on some “Scandal”. I don’t have cable (by choice- I wasted too much time when I did have it). I am one of those people who generally tries to avoid facebook every Thursday night because most of my friends tend to do a play-by-play of the episode.
The house was quiet because my loves were spending the night at their father’s place. So I got some popcorn and changed into some comfy pajamas (head wrap included- it is a must or I will wake up with mufasa hair).
I curled up under my toasty blankets and watched episode 3 of season 3 on my computer and boy it was worth staying up late for. I love the writing, my goodness Shonda Rhimes is a talented writer. Oh, by the way I am so happy that they brought Jake back. I am a big fan of Scott Foley :-). I would work for Shonda Rhimes for free if I didn’t have all these bills to pay. Well, that was my non-date. I do hope to do something much more adventurous once I start feeling better.

P.S. I would love some great suggestions if anyone wants to share some ideas.

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Pictures from last week’s “me date”

Pictures from last week’s “me date”

I pulled out a new dress, a new pair of shoes, pearls, and one of my favorite shawls

Red grape juice cocktail


Store bought salad


Tilapia topped with sautéed scallions, mashed potatoes ( parsnips, carrots and russet potatoes, garnished with black pepper., green beans seasoned with apple cider vinegar and black pepper


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Dating Myself

So I decided to do something very strange this past weekend. I say strange because some people might think it is weird and slightly pathetic to see a movie by yourself but that is exactly what I did.
My soon to be ex-husband and I have been separated for about 6 months. To some that should have been plenty of time to heal and move on. I on the other hand, think that it takes more time to heal than some people realize. So instead of jumping from this guy and to that guy, I decided this past weekend to do something slightly odd.
The idea to date myself came up after talking to a gentleman that was trying to get my attention. The gentleman asked about my likes as he was trying to figure out where to take me and I had no idea what my likes were. So that left me thinking that I needed to stop and find myself again. My soon to be ex and I were together for over 10 years and in those 10 years, it seems like our likes and personalities kind of messed. I had gotten so caught up in being the wife, the mom, and the jack of all trade that I somehow lost myself in the midst of it all.
I thought about what I could do to find the parts of me that I lost in my marriage. So, I decided that it would be great to court myself and rediscover parts of my personality that I have been ignoring all these years. It was hard thinking of a first date idea but it all worked out this past weekend. I had made plans to go see a movie with a friend but she canceled on me last minute. So instead of staying in, I got dressed and went out to see a movie by my lonesome and it felt great.
At first it felt strange walking up to the ticket booth and buying just one ticket. I felt really awkward when a couple walked up behind me. I shrugged it off and walked over to the concession stand. I bought some milk duds (I forgot to pack my granola bar in my purse) and I bought a bottle of water. I got to the theatre very early because I didn’t want to do the “walk of shame” in front of all the couples.
I sat there and texted some friends and my Aunt (she is my hero by the way) and told them what I was doing. My Aunt then told me that she took herself on a movie date the previous weekend and that kind of made me feel less pathetic. I had that “this is wonderful” moment during a scene in the movie. The main character was a single woman looking for love. Her “wake up” moment actually helped me to accept the fact that it wasn’t odd or bad to be single.
I have now decided to take myself out on weekly dates. My goal is to not only find myself but to work on appreciating myself as I am. I will try to post updates on how my dates go.

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