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Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year!!!

It is a new year and there are tons of opportunities for us to be better than last year. 2014 was a painful year in many ways. We saw the rise of police brutality in the States. We also saw the rise of several terrorist groups. We grieved with the hundreds of families who lost family members in several airplane disasters. I for one was highly disgusted by what I saw in the media and how morality seem to be on a decline.
It would be wonderful if we as a society could take a step back and re-evaluate what are our morals are and how we want to be treated. We can’t expect to be treated with dignity if we don’t carry ourselves with dignity and respect.

Respect is earned and it should not be demanded by anyone. Parents please take some time to educate your children about their true history…the one that is being excluded by the public school system. Parents please put your phones and other electronic devices and interact with your children. Our kids are much more fascinating than your phones and gadgets. Please teach your children that hard work is never a waste. We also need to teach that material possession cannot bring them happiness. Our children are the future and right now our future looks a little self-entitled and lazy. We need to work harder at being parents or we will regret the outcome.

Here are a few things that I am personally going to work on this year.

1. Be open to new adventures
2. Apologize less… I am a unique person and I should never ever have to apologize for being who I am.
3. Go out and enjoy the world around me…travelling overseas is one of my many travel goals.
4. Workout and do some races just for the fun of it.
5. Try not to worry about what I look like on the outside but rather focus on using my energy to make someone else’s life better.
6. Be the mother my children need and deserve.
7. Play more games, dance around and sing along with my kids and enjoy our time together.
8. Work on my relationship with God and share what I know with those who want to learn about him.
9. Forgive those who have caused me pain.
10. Write more and reconnect with old friends.

These are some of the most important things that I am hoping to work on in 2015. Let us all make an effort at becoming a better version of ourselves and grow. I believe that we owe it to ourselves to take a moment to look at what we did well and what we could have done differently each year. Growth comes when we are willing to see our mistakes and make necessary changes. Well, I thank you for stopping by and I pray that you have a wonderful and blessed year.

Getting Paid: Learning about money is never too early.

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Getting Paid: Learning about money is never too early.

My nine-year old princess sat me down for a talk several weeks ago to talk about something very important. At first I thought she wanted to plan another mommy/daughter date but that wasn’t it at all. My princess had a paper with a list of chores she already do but this time she had a dollar amount next to each chore. I sat quietly and listened as she presented her case. She made some very good points and I could not help but see her point.

The only thing that didn’t seem right was the amount she was expecting to get paid for doing each chore. So, I had to negotiate with her.

Sweeping the kitchen and bathrooms $ 7.15
Clear the dining room after each meal $ 7.15
Prepare lunches the night before $ 7.15
Make her bed $ 7.15
Take trash out to the dumpster (with supervision)$ 7.15

The original total she came up with was a little to high in my opinion, so talked it over until we reached an amount that I think makes sense. We also came up with an agreement about her jobs. The first being is that she would only get paid if she does her jobs without being reminded. I added that little loophole because I had a feeling that she was going to need reminders and I was going to have to teach her an extra lesson about the real world. My daughter is sweet and smart but she can be very forgetful and I am trying to help her take her responsibilities much more seriously than she has in the past.

I was very surprise when she agreed to my loophole and I am even more surprise that she only needed to be reminded the first two weeks. She did lose some money for those days but I am proud of how she responded to being told that she had not earned the amount we had agreed on. By the way, we agreed on her getting 10 dollars a week for all her chores. I know that amount might sound low but I will give her an opportunity to ask for a pay raise after 6 months or so.

So my little man, aka my seven-year old prince has decided that he too wants to earn some money for chores around our home. His list is much shorter due to the fact that his older sister took most of the kid chores but he was still able to come up with a few that will earn him money. He hasn’t signed his payment agreement yet but I have a feeling that he will when he sees his sister spending her money when we go shopping.

I will post an update on when my little prince signs his payment agreement and how things are going with both him and his sister are doing with their chores.

The Big Move

The Big Move

So it has been a while since I posted. I have been super busy packing and getting my family ready to move to a new city for my new job. I was very worried about this move because I didn’t want to add anymore stress on my kids. Shockingly, my kids have been adjusting better than I anticipated. They are making friends and doing well in school. I love my new job because I am never bored.
The only down side to my new job is the fact that I have to work a regular 9 to 5 kind of schedule. My old job had flexible scheduling and that came in handy when my kids got sick.
I will post some more about all the new and exciting things going once things get calm.
I am actually in the middle of planning a housewarming party. I have never hosted a housewarming party before. I decided to host one this time because this move has helped me to see that I can live on my own without my ex. Life as a single mom is great most of the time but there are days when I kind of miss sharing the responsibilities with my ex.
Speaking of my ex, he has been doing his best to maintain a healthy relationship with our kids and that makes me very happy. I was really concerned that he was going to be one of those dads who only show they care with their money and not with their time. I hope that he keeps on working at being the parent that our children need him to be. Well, I better get going…I have a midterm to take, workout to complete, dishes to clean and a hot bath to help me relax before I go to bed. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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