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Pink dress, White jacket

Pink dress, White jacket

Pink dress, White jacket by bebesdreamcloset featuring a bandage dress

Bandage dress

Alexander McQueen white jacket
$1,600 –

Jimmy Choo canvas shoes
$860 –

Diana Ferrari chain handle handbag
$47 –

Dark Beauty

Dark Beauty

Dark Beauty by bebesdreamcloset featuring red stud earrings

Red Hearts

Red Hearts

Red Hearts by bebesdreamcloset featuring patent leather shoes

Jane Norman black skater dress
$53 –

Tweed coat

Marc Jacobs red purse

Ruby pendant

LeiVanKash pinky ring

60 Second Style: Edgy Date Night

60 Second Style: Edgy Date Night

60 Second Style: Edgy Date Night by bebesdreamcloset featuring a ruffle coat

Chi Chi short black cocktail dress
$30 –

Ruffle coat

Blue Crush

Blue Crush

Blue Crush by bebesdreamcloset featuring peep toe shoes

Peep toe shoes
$28 –

Lapis lazuli jewelry

Stretch cuff bracelet

Untitled #1042

Untitled #1042

Untitled #1042 by bebesdreamcloset featuring a black double breasted coat

Dark Floral: McQueen

Dark Floral: McQueen

Dark Floral: McQueen by bebesdreamcloset featuring a pattern handbag

Emma Stone

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone by bebesdreamcloset featuring a lips lipstick

Marchesa red silk gown
$3,085 –

Hard clutch

Allurez black diamond drop earrings
$1,790 –

Palette eyeshadow

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland by bebesdreamcloset featuring swarovski crystal handbags

Coast lacy dress
$550 –

Swarovski crystal handbag

Thierry lasry sunglasses
$380 –

Opi nail care
$31 –

Plaid Pencil Skirt

Plaid Pencil Skirt

Plaid Pencil Skirt by bebesdreamcloset featuring pink sparkly pumps

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