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Spartan Race Deals

Cyber Monday Extension

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Don’t miss out on these great deals. Set yourself up for success in the new year. I am actually going to sign up for a race. A little intimidated but I’m sure it is going to be something unforgettable. I’m tired of watching from the sidelines. Stop watching and cheering and be a part of something wonderful. What are you waiting for?

Library Fund for Allentown, Sierra Leone

Library Fund for Allentown, Sierra Leone

I love to read and it has brought me tremendous joy. There is something about a good book that once it captures you, you can’t help but read it till the end. We all have a book or two like that we love to read several times a year. I have several books that I hold dear to my heart. One of them is ” Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston. Another book that I love is the “The Gift” by Danielle Steel, I especially love “the gift” because it is set during one of my favorite decades.

My passion for reading began back in Allentown, Sierra Leone. I remember sitting on my grandmother’s lap while she read to my brother, sister and I. This is a remarkable thing to me because my grandmother never went to school. She learned to read and write because of her husband and children. My grandmother (Mbalu Sankoh Bangura) fell in love with education and she made sure that shared her passion and thirst for learning with her grandchildren and I will forever be grateful for that.

My grandmother passed away almost 25 years ago, it will be exactly 25 years on February 13th, 2015. She died due to complications from a brain tumor. I miss her more and more each year because she was such a beautiful person. I have been thinking about ways to honor her and so I decided to do something that will give back to the community.  My grandmother was a giver and I am determined to build a library in Allentown, Sierra Leone in her honor. I want to inspire a generation of young girls to fall in love with learning. I fell in love with learning because my grandmother introduced me to books.It would mean the world to me if I can raise at least $10,000 to build a small library in her honor. My family has land and so I don’t have to worry about that part. Grandfather left most of his land to the family and so there is more than enough space for me to build this library. I have created a gofundme account to help raise funds. I will include the link for those of you who want to donate.

My goal is to go back to Sierra Leone by end of 2015, that is if the Ebola virus has been properly contained. I am going to consult with a few of my friends who are contractor to help me come up with a simple design for the building itself. I am going to get my older brother to run the library since he and his family still live in Sierra Leone.  I am also working on creating a foundation to help raise funds on a long-term basis. I would like to eventually build more libraries if it is financially possible.

I thank you for your time and I wish you a blessed evening.

Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year!!!

It is a new year and there are tons of opportunities for us to be better than last year. 2014 was a painful year in many ways. We saw the rise of police brutality in the States. We also saw the rise of several terrorist groups. We grieved with the hundreds of families who lost family members in several airplane disasters. I for one was highly disgusted by what I saw in the media and how morality seem to be on a decline.
It would be wonderful if we as a society could take a step back and re-evaluate what are our morals are and how we want to be treated. We can’t expect to be treated with dignity if we don’t carry ourselves with dignity and respect.

Respect is earned and it should not be demanded by anyone. Parents please take some time to educate your children about their true history…the one that is being excluded by the public school system. Parents please put your phones and other electronic devices and interact with your children. Our kids are much more fascinating than your phones and gadgets. Please teach your children that hard work is never a waste. We also need to teach that material possession cannot bring them happiness. Our children are the future and right now our future looks a little self-entitled and lazy. We need to work harder at being parents or we will regret the outcome.

Here are a few things that I am personally going to work on this year.

1. Be open to new adventures
2. Apologize less… I am a unique person and I should never ever have to apologize for being who I am.
3. Go out and enjoy the world around me…travelling overseas is one of my many travel goals.
4. Workout and do some races just for the fun of it.
5. Try not to worry about what I look like on the outside but rather focus on using my energy to make someone else’s life better.
6. Be the mother my children need and deserve.
7. Play more games, dance around and sing along with my kids and enjoy our time together.
8. Work on my relationship with God and share what I know with those who want to learn about him.
9. Forgive those who have caused me pain.
10. Write more and reconnect with old friends.

These are some of the most important things that I am hoping to work on in 2015. Let us all make an effort at becoming a better version of ourselves and grow. I believe that we owe it to ourselves to take a moment to look at what we did well and what we could have done differently each year. Growth comes when we are willing to see our mistakes and make necessary changes. Well, I thank you for stopping by and I pray that you have a wonderful and blessed year.

The Joy of Reading

Ever since I was a little girl reading has always been a joy to me. I can still remember spending an entire summer reading and get lost in my stories. My love and I got separated years ago thanks to the demands of being a wife, parent, friend, employee and student. I have checked out a large number of books from my local library but I never get to read them. So I am once again going to challenge myself to read an entire book.

A friend of mine suggested a series of books by Ken Follett and so far it is turning out to be a great idea. There is however a huge obstacle in my way. Finding the right time to read is becoming a problem. I work a full-time job, help my two oldest with their homework. Prepare my preschooler for kindergarten, baths, family Bible study, story and song time. Then make lunches, clean the sink, lay out school clothes before I get some me time. My “me time” consists of taking a shower, reading and journal writing but I rarely get to write or read for more than 10 minutes before passing out.

Not sure what I need to do to make more time for myself because reading use to be a great way for me to relax and let go of all the demands of my day.

If you have any advise, please share in the comments section.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading 🙂

The Mirror

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The little planet that is my safe haven
From the person that I have become
It is a New World in itself.

I can see my family from here
Thoughts of my past haunt me when I am there.

Seeing people eat and cry
I searched very hard to find myself
As if I should bother… but I tried.

I found someone who looks like me
She has my face yet there is nothing familiar about her
She has a big smile on her face.

People stare and smile back at her
She keeps smiling even after she falls
Who smiles after falling, this can’t be me.

I ran a Half Marathon and I hope to do it again!!!

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So it has been a while since I posted anything besides outfits. Medically, things seem to be getting worse. I decided to run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon on May 18th and it was awesome. The race started out very well until mile 10, my left hip began to hurt and I walked parts of the last 3.1 miles. I had a great goal for that race but being in pain made it very difficult. I did however, ran this race a few minutes faster than the last time I ran.

After the race, my family and I came home and took an epic nap before showering and going out to celebrate. Looking back now I am more than happy that I did the race. My oldest daughter pulled me aside after the race and told me that she was very proud of me. She made a point of telling me that she was glad that I fought through the pain and ran despite it all. I obviously almost cried after she told me. I am now more dedicated to getting stronger medically so I can keep on running. My kids make my life worth living and knowing that I am setting a good example keeps me going.

The fibromyalgia diagnoses has been sort of a relief but it still sucks. The last few weeks have been rough, I have had several flare ups and that he made I harder for me to get anything done. My left hip hurts so much that I now limp but that didn’t stop me from going to the gym. I spent some time on the elliptical and treadmill. I am going to start getting weekly full body massages because I know that are needed. I also take some medications to help with the flare ups but they don’t always work that well.

A friend recently referred me to an organization that works on helping people with chronic pain. I am going to contact them next to see how they can help me get things under control because I hate not being able to work, play or sleep…yes, I rarely get a full night’s sleep. Last night was especially bad, I laid in bed and tried several positions to get comfortable but nothing worked. I finally fell asleep around 4:30 just to be woken up my little diva at about 8. Did I try to go back to sleep? Yes, I did but it didn’t work. I am just so tired of it all, I have been dealing with all this for over 7 years and it appears to be getting progressively worse and that’s not good at all.

I truly hope that my weekly massages, and involvement with the pain management group will bring me some relief. Well, I need to get going. I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, don’t forgot to thank a veteran because we were once willing to give our lives so that we can all enjoy our many freedoms.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Spaghetti Squash with Curried Shrimp

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Spaghetti Squash with Curried Shrimp









031Dinner time is a very important part of our family routine. The plan is to make a meal that everyone likes but that isn’t always how things turn out. My little Diva aka the current queen of the house, has turned into Ms. Picky eater and I have to get creative or she will throw a fit. So tonight’s dinner was a big risk considering the fact that her royal divaness did not take her nap. No nap equals to chaos and a lot of stress for me.

Spaghetti squash is something I have been wanting make for a while but I haven’t had the nerve to make it until today. So below you will find the ingredients I used and how I put it all together.


1 large spaghetti squash

1 pound of cooked shrimp
1 large green bell pepper
1 medium tomato
1 large yellow onion
3 tablespoons Olive oil
black pepper
Sea salt
2 tablespoons curry powder


Pre-heat the oven at 375 degrees before you cut the squash in half, take out the seeds and rinse both halves. Get a baking sheet of pan and line it with foil. Oil the covered pan with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil. Season the halves with some black pepper and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Place both halves face down on the baking sheet and bake for 45 minutes. Take out the baking sheet and let the squash cool off before scooping it out. Scoop out the “spaghetti” into a large bowl and set aside.

Curried Shrimp

Slice bell pepper, onion and tomato and set aside. Heat up a skillet with the remaining olive oil. Sautee sliced vegetables in heated skillet. Let the vegetables cook for about 3 to 4 minutes before adding the shrimp. Add the curry, marjoram, black pepper, sea salt and let it simmer on low to medium heat for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Combine the spaghetti with the curried shrimp and serve hot. I don’t always like some of my new recipes but this one came out better than I expected. However, her royal divaness did not like my take on the spaghetti squash dinner. She fell asleep during dinner and this means that I have to come up with a back up plan when she wakes up. I might have to make some coconut pancake and serve it with fresh fruit since that seems to be all she wants to eat.

Well I better get going, I am taking myself out on a date tonight and it is way over due. Not exactly sure what I am going to do but I am going to get dressed up and do something just for me.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

My date with Shakespeare

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My love affair with William Shakespeare began when I was in high school. I can’t recall the exact year, but I think it was my senior year. My English teacher, Ms. Linda Leslie introduced me to Shakespeare when she selected “Othello” for our class. I remember working on a group project with a few of my classmates. The best part of that project was when we were asked to choose a scene from the play and make a presentation about that scene.
I can’t remember what scene we chose, but I do remember that we did a story board for the scene and then made a short film based on that scene. I didn’t know it then, but that entire process led me to appreciate the movie making process.
Fast forward to college, I had the option of taking music, art appreciation or theatre. I took music and theatre and I will forever be grateful for those classes. I had a great time in my music class, but that will never compare to how alive I felt when I was in my theatre class. I love digging deep into the characters in Shakespeare’s plays. I told myself years ago that I will collect my favorite Shakespeare plays and re-read them and this is the year. I picked up “Othello” and “Hamlet” last week.
I spent an hour reading “Othello” yesterday and it felt great getting lost in Shakespeare’s world. It wasn’t a typical “me date”, but it was still a wonderful way to spend an hour by myself. I could have kept on reading for another hour, but I had way too much work to do. I am looking forward to another date with Shakespeare soon, hopefully I will be able to block out another hour tomorrow afternoon. I better get going…it is way past my bed time and I have to be up early for church.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Training Day 5: It felt great running through the pain.

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Training Day 5: It felt great running through the pain.

The plan was to only take a day off from training but thanks to rainy day, I was not able to keep that promise. The two days off from running were needed because I ran a longer distance today. I was not prepared for the leg cramps that came with today’s run though. I had to pause a few times to stretch and get myself together.

The plan was to get in at least 5 miles today but I had to stop at 4.25 miles after noticing that my family was tired of waiting on me. Yes, I took the family with me so they kids can enjoy the beautiful weather before it gets cold again.

I was so proud of my efforts that I decided to keep the momentum going and eat a yummy/healthy dinner. So I came home and made kale, bulgur and salmon for dinner which I then paired with my post run smoothie.

Below is the recipe for my post run smoothie


Shredded Kale














This is how I store my smoothie ingredients for each week. I am a planner when it comes to eating right or else I can’t keep up with my game plan of eating right and getting healthy.


This is the final product and it came out great…I should point out that I added 1 cup of coconut milk and 1/2 cup of water to my smoothie. I didn’t put exact measurements this time because I didn’t measure out my ingredients. I figured it would be better to just go with the flow and not be too rigid with this smoothie.

Well I better get going, “Scandal” is on and I am way too distracted by how great tonight’s episode’s is. I was somehow able to bake a loaf of banana bread for breakfast…it is a surprise for my munchkins who are fast asleep right now.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Yikes! I am training for a half marathon

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Yikes! I am training for a half marathon

I have always wanted to run a half marathon and in 2010 a college classmate gave me the opportunity to participate in my first half marathon. I did not have enough time to properly prepare my body for it but I did it anyway. I ran it and my toes, legs and thighs were mad at me for days. I loved the entire process and then vowed to participate in the 2011 Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon but things go exactly as I had planned. Baby number 3 aka my little flower was delivered in April of 2011, about 5 weeks before that race and so I didn’t run. So the next year was definitely going to be the year I do it. Did I do it nope? I talked myself out of it in 2012 and 2013 so this year I forced myself to register. I am really behind in the training schedule I had mentally planned but I guess I have no choice now but to push myself so I can achieve my goal of running the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. I will actually start posting about my training on a regular basis. Well, I better get to sleep since I have to be up in a few hours to get my loves ready for school.
Thank you for stopping by 🙂


This is the before picture, I should note that the yellow sweater is my favorite one from my college days and it always makes me want to run hard.


This is after a 3.13 mile run in 20 something degree weather. The first 5 minutes were the hardest because my body had not warmed up yet. I like my pace and the goal is to work on my pace and endurance so that I can beat my time from 2010 but it is going to be hard.

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