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Kale and Curry Chicken

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Chicken and Kale Curry
2 tablespoons curry powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
3 chicken breasts
4 teaspoons olive oil, divided
1 medium onion, halved and sliced
2 teaspoons grated fresh ginger
1 14-ounce can coconut milk
1 teaspoon pure honey
8 cups coarsely chopped kale or chard, tough stems removed
1 tablespoon lime juice, plus more to taste

Combine curry powder, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Blot chicken dry with a paper towel and cut into 1-inch cubes; toss the chicken in a medium bowl with 1 teaspoon of the spice mixture.
Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add the chicken and cook, stirring every 2 minutes, until browned, 6 to 8 minutes total. Transfer to a plate.
Heat the remaining 2 teaspoons oil over medium-high heat. Add onion, ginger and the remaining spice mixture; cook, stirring, until the vegetables are lightly browned, 4 to 5 minutes. Add coconut milk and honey; bring to a boil. Add half the kale (or chard) and cook, stirring, until slightly wilted, about 1 minute. Stir in the rest of the greens and cook, stirring, for 1 minute. Return the chicken to the pan, cover and cook, stirring once or twice, until the greens are tender, 3 to 5 minutes more. Remove from the heat and stir in lime juice.

I found this recipe on, the original recipe used tofu and delicate squash but I am not a fan of either. I went with chicken instead and the whole family loved it. I served the chicken and kale curry with brown rice and it was a hit. I will definitely add this one to my list of recipes.

Penne Rigate with pulled Chicken


Chicken (2 leg quarters)
Penne Rigate (16 oz package)
Dice tomatoes (14.5 oz can)
1 teaspoon of basil
1 teaspoon of ground black pepper
1 medium onion, sliced
1 medium green bell pepper
1 teaspoon of ginger
2 teaspoons of salt
2 tablespoons of oil
parsley flakes
1 tablespoon of butter

Boil pasta with 1 tablespoon of oil for about 10 minutes.


Bake chicken leg quarters and then remove the skin and pull apart. I baked my chicken in advance to save cooking time.

Slice the pepper and onion and set aside.

Heat a skillet with remaining oil and sauté the onion and pepper. Add ginger, black pepper, salt, basil and diced tomatoes and cook to your liking.


Drain cooked pasta and add the tablespoon of butter, the pulled chicken then the onion and pepper sauce. Garnish with parsley flakes and serve.

pasta and chicken combo

This was a last minute dinner idea that I came up with after baking the chicken leg quarters. I was able to cook dinner and go on a nice 3 mile run with a friend. everyone loved how this turned out and I can’t wait to come up with another recipe that the whole family is going to love.

final product

Spring 2014: Rachel Zoe Collection

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Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a great idea in theory because it is a day designated to celebrate moms. Growing up in Sierra Leone I don’t remember celebrating Mother’s Day. My family is about 90% Jehovah Witnesses and maybe 10% Muslims. All I can remember is that I had a great “mom”, I am using quotation marks because the lady I called “mom” for the first part of my childhood was in fact my grandmother but I didn’t learn the truth until I started attending school. My grandmother decided to raise my brother, sister, and I. She offered to help our mom while she figured her life out. Everyone knew this fact except for me. I wasn’t shocked or hurt when I learned the truth. I loved her regardless of her title, she loved me regardless and that is all that matters.

My grandmother passed away over 24 years ago and a day doesn’t go by when I don’t think about how great she was. My grandmother in my heart will always be mom. My mother and I reunited a few years after grandma passed away. I don’t call my biological mother “mom” because she doesn’t like the title so I call her Miss and I am okay with that. My mother and I aren’t very close but I still love her and always will. I am here because of her but I am the woman I am today because of the great lessons I learned from my grandmother.

A Mom is not always the person who births you and I have been more than fortunate to be blessed with many moms over the years. The first person I encountered in the States that treated me like her daughter was my next door neighbor. Ms. Leigh…I call her my Cuban mom. She makes yummy rum cakes and I loved hanging out with her and her beautiful families. I learned a lot about her culture and she was there for me through some very difficult times. I love her and admire her 🙂

I met my other mom in college, she was the Founding Director of the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership Corps of Cadets at Mary Baldwin College. Her name is Dr. Brenda Lou Bryant, Dr. Bryant passed away almost two years ago after a long and fiercely fought battle with breast cancer. Meeting her changed my life for the better, Dr. Bryant helped me stay in college after my mother kicked me out of her home. I loved talking to Dr.B…that’s what most people close to her called her. Dr. B and I had tons of conversations about almost everything but I will never the conversation about why I had gotten accepted in the VWIL Corps of Cadets. It started out like many of our previous conversations but it ended with me in tears…these were tears of joy. Dr. B told me that she saw herself in my essay and that she had no choice but to accept me into the program so that I can grow and become that great person that she saw in my words. I cried like a baby because only one other person had ever made me feel that special.
That other person was my grandmother and I couldn’t help but feel like Dr.B and I were meant to meet because God knew I needed someone like her in my life. I cried for days after Dr. B died because I feel like I failed her and I still cry when I think about her and all she did for me.

All the women I have encountered over the years have helped me to become the mom that I am today. As a mom I try my best to be a warm, loving and supportive someone that my children can go to for anything. I know that I make mistakes as a parent but I have to come to terms with the fact that motherhood is not an exact science and I just need to do the best that I can and I know God will help with the rest.

Wishing all mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, single fathers and all those who take on the role of mom to a child who is in need a wonderful day filled with love and thank you. Now I am going to eat dinner with my sweet and loving bunch 🙂

Fashionable Mom of the Week: Victoria Beckham

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This week’s fashionable mom is the multi-talented Mrs. Victoria Beckham. I don’t know how she does it but she somehow is able to birth 4 beautiful kids, run a fashion empire and still maintains a fit and healthy body. I became a fan in the 90s and have remained one because she is inspiring, fearless, hardworking and obviously very style savvy. In honor of mother’s weekend, I decided to choose her because she is a hard working mom who knows her priorities and I respect that about her.

Victoria Beckham's Daughter Harper: Her Poshest Outfits! Pictures -...

Shopping At Fao Schwartz In New York City, February 09, 2008 - Full...


Posh (clipped to


Untitled (clipped to

Photos of victoria beckham valentines day 02 | Victoria Beckham is...

Busy Mom of the Week: Angelina Jolie

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She has style, she loves her kids, and she loves making movies. I have always admired her work and I can’t wait to see her in “Maleficent”. I became a bigger fan of hers when she took on the role of humanitarian. I love that she is using her fame and fortune to brighten up the lives of those less fortunate than her. She is one of those celebrity moms who does not seem to use her kids to gain more fame and money and I love that about her. I hope that she continues to raise awareness for breast cancer and equal rights because she is setting a wonderful example to her kids.

Below you will find links to some of the organizations Ms. Jolie has supported.

Eye Candy of the Week: Lance Gross

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This is week’s eye candy is California native Lance Darnell Gross. He had me laughing for years when he starred in the Tyler Perry hit comedy “House of Payne”. I loved him in “Our Family Wedding” and “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor”. Here are just a few reasons why he is this week’s eye candy, enjoy!!!

TBN Media

Life is a crazy roller coaster, so buckle up and hang on.

The busy mom of three

Life is an adventure, come join us!

Explosive Fashion

Luxury Style Portal


Two girls working to take back "beauty" for girls and women everywhere


Random Thoughts on Theology, Life and More

Talin Orfali Ghazarian

Don't ever change yourself to impress someone, cause they should be impressed that you don't change to please others -- When you are going through something hard and wonder where God is, always remember that the teacher is always quiet during a test --- Unknown

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