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First Long Run: Training

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So as I said last week, I signed up for the Army Ten Miler. I am determined to actually run it this year. I have been doing short runs for a few months so I decided to stretch my wings and try running at least 6 miles this past Monday. I woke up before the family, stretched, not as long as I should have. Got my water, keys and headphones…God knows I need my latin workout station on Pandora. It was misty outside and the park was not too busy. It was the perfect setting for a semi-long run.

I started off slower than my normal pace. Ran the first mile just under 13:30, not one of my best times but I listened to my body and maintained a steady pace till the end. I stopped once, thanks to this crazy hill in the middle of the park. My goal the next time I run is to not walk up that hill.

As I approached mile 5, I felt a surge of energy that encouraged me to do 7 miles instead and so I did. It felt great that I was not only able to meet my goal but that I pushed myself further.

Came back home and made some yummy gluten free banana pancakes for the family. It was definitely a fun day. I did something for me and we had a chill family day at home. Really looking forward to the coming weekend and another semi-long run.

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Hello, Again

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So I took a long break to figure some things out. I found a great job that is close to home and my kids school. In my current role at work I have daily opportunities to help people and that is one if my goals in life.

Goals are great and we all should take time to evaluate and revise our goals regularly or we will become jaded. For years I have wanted to run the Army Ten Miler but something gets in the way. The first year it was due to medical issues, another year it was due to my work schedule. This year however, I am more determined to train properly and run the Ten Miler in 2 hours.

I do have some recent medical set backs but they are also my motivation to do this race. I came back to my blog to document my journey because I thinks goals are important and when we achieve goals, we become stronger mentally and emotionally.

I signed up for the race on May 23rd, a few hours after my upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. I know my health is not as good as it used to be and that is largely due to a change in my exercise routine and diet. Preliminary results of that procedure suggests gastritis. I have been reading up on the topic since then. One of the key changes I need to make involves what I put into my body.

First challenge is coffee and all other caffeinated beverages. The next thing is alcohol and that won’t be a problem because I rarely drink alcohol as it is. I’m also going to stop eating all processed foods, fried foods (not really a problem, I don’t like fried foods). I will definitely have a hard time giving up process foods since most the foods we Americans eat is processed. I am looking forward to getting healthier and having more energy for myself and my lovebugs.


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