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Daily Archives: May 7, 2014

Save the Children Releases 2014 State of World’s Mothers Report

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Save the Children Releases 2014 State of World’s Mothers Report


Just in time for Mother’s Day, Save the Children released its 15th annual State of the World’s Mothers report this week revealing the best and most difficult places to be a mother. This year’s report focuses on saving the millions of mothers, newborns and children living in fragile communities due to conflict and natural disasters, and their everyday struggle to survive.

Being a mother is a tough job. I can attest. But imagine what it is like being a mother in a war-torn country or in a place that has been struck by a natural disaster. Caring for your family becomes a daily race for survival. It is something that no parent should have to imagine. I applaud Save the Children for their amazing work and dedication to saving the mothers and children of our planet. These are the voiceless. It is time to give them a voice.

A mother holds her baby suffering from spina-bafida malformation in the special Baby Care Unit at Turai Yaradua maternal and children Hospital, Katsina, Northern Nigeria. Photo Source: Pep Bonet/Noor for Save the Children A mother holds her…

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Untitled #880

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Untitled #880

Untitled #880 by bebesdreamcloset featuring elbow length gloves

Night on the Town

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Night on the Town

Night on the Town by bebesdreamcloset featuring ivory gloves

Something different

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Something different

Something different by bebesdreamcloset featuring a classic black dress

Lady Kate in Black Lace

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Lady Kate in Black Lace

Lady Kate in Black Lace by bebesdreamcloset featured in kate middleton fashion

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