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Daily Archives: April 20, 2014

Date Night and the Wind Turbines

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Date Night and the Wind Turbines

jen groeber: mama art

IMG_9780 Wind turbines, out of focus
April 2014

I’ve been thinking about marriage lately. It may be the spring weather (finally), the birds looking for love in all the wrong places, mating for life and so on.

I think it’s the time in my life too, or our collective lives really. Among our friends our kids are mostly all in school (and by school I don’t mean clown school or college, I mean pre-school) and our parents are aging, looking to move, getting the scan or the X-ray or the biopsy. Some have even passed. We are the next “big” then, the next big mortal, permeable, vulnerable thing.

And I began thinking about marriage, how it’s so often like breathing or an old car or not throwing up.  It’s one of those things that you’re really not all that grateful for, at least not until it’s jeopardized, by illness or disregard…

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Royal Style: HRH Princess Katherine

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Royal Style: HRH Princess Katherine

Royal Style: HRH Princess Katherine by bebesdreamcloset featured in kate middleton outfits

Leather Pleated Skirt

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Leather Pleated Skirt

Leather Pleated Skirt by bebesdreamcloset featuring black earrings

60 Second Style

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60 Second Style

60 Second Style by bebesdreamcloset featuring buckle purses

60 Second Style Under $150

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60 Second Style Under $150

60 Second Style Under $150 by bebesdreamcloset featuring a vintage swing dress

60 second style

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60 second style

60 second style by bebesdreamcloset featuring a brown tote bag

Sunday Funday

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I just completed an activity with RunKeeper
So I took some pain meds, rubbed Bengay on my hips. I also applied a cold compress on my hip last night. The plan was to go on a mommy/son date but we all stayed in and watched the “The Ten Commandments” together. The kids fell asleep and I watched the whole movie. Some movies never get old, in fact they seem to get better over time. Today is already turning out to be better than yesterday. I went for a run while the munchkins play tennis with their dad. Going to take my little man on our mommy/son date before dinner. I still need to finish a paper on eating disorders by midnight tonight but I am trying my best to not stress over it. Well, I wish you a fun and blessed day  🙂 

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