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Why You Should Care About Eating Disorder Awareness Week



Hi all! Today I’m going to talk about something that strikes very close to home for an unfortunately large number of people: Eating Disorders.

As many of you know, I’ve had my own issues with disordered eating, the most recent of which was a physiological condition that kept me from feeling hunger – and I was happy about it – until I became so horrifically thin that many of my friends & family approached me out of fear for my own health.

Let me re-emphasize: I did not seek help for nearly 5 months, because in my head I thought it was a good thing; losing so much weight so effortlessly. My friends & family approached me and expressed their concern. Without this key factor, I’m pretty sure I would have ended up in a hospital, hooked up to IVs.

It is essential that if you suspect someone you…

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