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summer is calling

summer is calling

summer is calling by bebesdreamcloset showing how to wear a leather messenger bag

White Rice: Ending my long love affair

White Rice: Ending my long love affair

So I have been watching what I eat for some time now and it finally dawned on me that some of my favorite dishes are not really that good for my waistline. One of my favorite side dishes have always been rice. Growing up in a African home, rice was part of my daily diet and I never questioned its nutritional benefits for my body. I did noticed that I felt heavy and weighed down after eating white rice and I never liked feeling that way.

I can’t really remember exactly when I found out that eating white rice was not really a good idea for me but I am very happy that I know that now…

I switched over to brown rice (sometimes organic and sometimes it didn’t matter). I didn’t like the texture of brown rice so I switched back to white rice. The love/hate relationship with white rice has been going on for a while now but I finally decided to give up white rice this month. I had been eating quinoa and barley for dinner for several days but I had a weak moment and cooked some white rice for dinner. I ate it and it didn’t taste the same and I felt lazy and weighed down after that meal.

I have spent some time researching other grains to help me give up with addiction to white rice. Below are some of the grains I have tried and love. I will do my best to share recipes once I am able to write them down…I love coming up with new and fun recipes for my family.

1. Quinoa

2. Barley

3. Bulgur

4. Couscous

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